RefugeeMaps.Org is an independent project that uses geospatial and technical knowledge to help support the humanitarian network for the refugee crisis in Europe.


RefugeeMaps was launched in September 2015 by @PranMan and @GeoMeteoMe. It extended @trisday and Calais Action‘s previous work on Google Maps and has developed into an online application that addresses the need for the visual display of grassroots activity.


We hope our map will allow people to channel their donations effectively and efficiently.


Technology Can’t End the Refugee Crisis. But It Can Help Organize the Messy Aid Network.

The photograph of a drowned Syrian child on a Turkish beach galvanized public attention around the European refugee crisis. Its effect on fundraising was huge: The United States Fund for UNICEF reported a 636-percent spike in donations, the U.N.’s refugee agency raised $17 million in less than a week, and…

All Nonprofits Can Learn from the Ways Aid Workers Use Technology

September 15, 2015; CNBC I was working in Beirut in 2014 when it was reported that the number of Syrian refugees coming across the border had passed the one-million mark. The toll the situation was taking on the country’s housing, employment, education and services was evident, and it was bound to get worse, with the UNHCR registering 2,500 new refugees (more than one a minute) in the country every day.